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Sandblasting / Powder Coating

Here in the southeast, outdoor patio furniture is always under attack from relentless humidity and corrosive (chlorine and salt) environments. Even with proper care, metal will begin to fade and rust over time. We provide sandblasting and powder coating for all of your metal patio furniture needs including steal, wrought iron, and aluminum.




Sandblasting metal removes all existing paint and previous powder coating from the frames. This also removes all contaminants like rust and dirt from the frame and prepares the surface for powder coating. This is required for all pieces going through our powder coating process. 


Powder Coating


Powder coating is an electrostatically applied powder finish that is thicker than any oil-based exterior paint. The powder is then cured using heat to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. This provides a high quality, professional finish that will make your furniture like new and ready for many more years in the sun.